Erik Poutsma

About us

Started in 2018, Drumlin Distillery creates high-quality products, rooted in history and nature. Whisky, gin and rum, artisanally distilled in copper pot-stills according to traditional methods, without any hurry, because only time can create excellence out of humble beginnings. Precisely through using lots and lots of time for production and maturation, the distillates from Drumlin Distillery acquire their unique character.

Drumlin Distillery takes its name from the landscape in which it is located. A landscape kneaded by the primordial force of water and ice, with distinctive shapes that unmistakably stand out against the rest of the area. Distinctive, eye-catching.

During the last ice age, roughly 10,000 years ago, the icepack stretched from the North Pole to the area that now forms the Northeast Netherlands. The land of Drenthe was covered with a thick layer of permafrost. Ice-tongues and meltwater plowed through the landscape, like rivers following the path of least resistance to create their flowbeds. Due to the pressure of ice and water, elongated hills, drumlins, were created.

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