Bespoke products

Sometimes a straight product is simply not enough…

Your own gin, rum or even whisky? Your name or logo on the barrel? Something to really catch your clients attention? Or as a very special gift?

Drumlin Distillery offers the option of personalising your own spirits, made-to-measure.

Bespoke Gin

Sometimes a party, wedding, anniversary or festival is so special, it requires its own purpose-designed and distilled gin to ensure the memory will linger. Drumlin Distillery offers the opportunity to create your own craft gin. Whether a variation on a traditional recipe, or something wildly outlandish like pineapple, honey, artichoke, or whatever other flavour comes to mind…

We can create it together and distill your one-off, unique gin.

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Bespoke Whisky

Whisky is a different matter. As a company, society or club you may want your own, personalised and distinctive whisky. Without making any concessions whatsoever to the noble art of whisky-making, the individualisation of your whisky barrel is very feasible indeed. Together we can decide on cask size, type , toasting and charring, but also on malt-type, maturation and second cask finishing.

Based on your input we’ll create a unique whisky without comparison.

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