Cromlech Certificaat

Cromlech 2019 Whisky (certificate)


Small batch Craft Whisky. Distilled with personal care in our copper stills. Made from organic barley, grown on the local fields. [About the certificate] [Read more]

All 360 certificates sold out


How does the certificate work?

On February 1, 2023, the 2019 edition “Cromlech Dutch Single Malt Whisky” will be available. In order not to miss this very first, historic edition, it is possible to purchase a certificate that guarantees one of the only 360 bottles available. With your purchase you support the continuity of whisky production in the coming years.

The certificate will be sent to you immediately after your order and can be exchanged for a bottle at the distillery from 1 February 2023 onwards. At that time, of course, accompanied by a small taste of its content.

The colour in the photograph is the current colour (1 year maturation) and will change. Maturation is in 55L French/Hungarian oak barrels.

Provisional tasting notes:

  • Nose: Malted barley, stone fruit
  • Taste: Marzipan, candied fruit, chocolate, vanilla, coconut
  • Finish: Very soft, hint of honey



As the Egyptians were building the great pyramids, approximately 3500km Northwest of Gizeh another band of humans was erecting the dolmens of the North Netherlands. These people, known as the funnel beaker culture, made this part of the European continent their own and started farming the lands. Crops like barley have been harvested in these parts for over 5000 years. Although this barley was (also) used for brewing beer, distilling of whisky did not materialise.

Until now…

In the small but well equipped ‘Drumlin Distillery’ a whisky named “Cromlech” is created and maturing until its release to whisky lovers around the world. Cromlech being the Gaelic word for dolmen, as an honour to the builders of so many years ago. Made from local grown barley and distilled in all-copper stills, Cromlech is a single malt whisky made to the highest standards. No production shortcuts, no modern techniques, no process enhancements; Cromlech is made in the old-fashioned way. The oak barrels remain silent as the most important ingredient for a truly excellent whisky is added: